Construction impacting local business in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. – Local businesses are taking a hit from the construction on Highway 72 West in Madison.

If you’ve driven down Highway 72 from Wall Triana to Balch Road you’ll know that the construction makes it hard to get anywhere in a timely manner, but it also makes it hard to turn into the strip mall and support local businesses.

The Breland Companies development on Highway 72 in Madison said they are building new homes, a medical office, a grocery store, and a man-made lake. But for several months construction in the area has been slowing down traffic.

Stan Stinson, the owner of Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza, said he’s seen a 15% decrease in business.

“Once you narrow the arteries and make that left turn off of Highway 72 restricted, people make other choices,” said Stinson.

Marketing Director at Taziki’s, Roseanna Cox, said she’s seen the biggest decline in customers during the lunch rush.

“Just know that we’re here and still come see us. I’m encouraging the construction workers when I see them out there.  I’m like they’ve got to eat lunch, come eat lunch with us,” said Cox.

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza attributes the loss in business to the construction because their other location is still doing well.

“We embrace change and we’re looking forward to what the future holds for us,” said Stinson. “I would just ask viewers to support your local businesses, when you see that it may be an extra pain to make that turn, remember that we’ve got businesses that employ your kids and your friends and your visit makes a difference.”

Both Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Tziki’s are available for delivery on Grubsouth.

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