Confederate memorial monument may be moved from Madison County Courthouse this week

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — A Confederate memorial monument on the county courthouse grounds could be moved to Maple Hill Cemetery this week, one Madison County commissioner said Monday.

County Commissioner Roger Jones said Monday it is his understanding that the monument would be removed from the courthouse sometime this week and moved to the area of Maple Hill Cemetery where Confederate soldiers are buried. A concrete slab has recently been poured there.

“This confederate monument is a blight on the community. It’s not just something that’s offensive to black people, it’s offensive to all people who believe in equality and who believe in justice and who understand what the confederacy was really about it should be an affront to everyone,” says David Person.

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year, protestors locally renewed calls for the monument to be removed from courthouse grounds.

“I think it mattered, I think collective pressure, our collective voices made a difference,” said Person of the Move the Monument rallies.

The monument was vandalized in August.

Elected officials have said they support moving the monument to Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, but were restricted by state law.

“The 2017 state law that enabled this monument to remain in place as long as it has … we believe that law is also an affront to the people of Madison County,” says Person.

Commissioner Jones says they are working to move the monument now under a clause which grants a waiver to relocate a historical structure if there is no response within 90 days of a submitted application to the Committee on Alabama Monument Protection.

The commission submitted its application in July and were told by the committee that the application was “outside of the scope” of the committee.

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