Company creates special bags hoping to break cell phone addiction

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Some people can’t put down their smartphones. They’re addicted to the distractions of texting and documenting everything they can.

But a startup called Yonder is focused on creating No Phone Zones by locking up your device. The company’s founder says the attempt is nothing less than breaking cell phone addiction.

“Just something to help people engage with each other in a real way,” founder Graham Dugoni says. “What it symbolizes is a movement and the bag is just a tool”.

The Yonder pouch works much like a security tag in a clothing store. If someone needs to access their phone, they can choose to leave the phone-free zone.

The bags are now mandatory for everyone attending a performance by comedian Dave Chappelle.

“We’ve had a strict no cell phone rule for years, Chappelle says. “Obviously if you look on Youtube you’ll see very few people adhere to it”.

Before requiring the bags, Chappelle says he often found himself telling jokes to people distracted by their devices.

The founder of Yonder says he hopes to see the bags used in arenas that seat as many as 20 thousand people.

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