Community helps military family whose home was trashed by renters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - WHNT News 19 introduced on Monday a military wife who rented out her family's home in Huntsville when her husband was transferred to Texas. She was shocked when she found the state her renters left it in.

Krystal Harris says the damage will cost thousands of dollars to fix. She admits she got notices and citations from the city about the property's condition but was shocked when she returned.

Tuesday, she began feeling a glimmer of hope. People who saw her story on WHNT stopped by her house today. Help had arrived.

"I do feel really good," Harris laughed.

Monday night Krystal Harris' story aired on WHNT and she wasn't smiling. The story ended with a giant mess in her yard which consisted of possessions and debris removed from her home trashed by renters.

"We were in an overwhelming situation," Harris said.

Allen Snider owns the company "We Chunk Junk." After watching Harris' story, he felt compelled to help.

"The first thing that stuck out in my mind is it's a military family. They have enough stress as it is just to serve our country which we support," Snider said.

Bag after bag, his team took away all the trash that was in her yard.

Harris says she's thankful someone could come and move the trash right away because the mess was attracting strangers to her property.

"There are constantly people coming by and tearing open trash bags, pulling stuff out of the pile, which pulls stuff into the street," she said.

But, this means a lot more to her than just getting help to clean up a mess.

"To have people want to come and help us in a situation we never expected...It restores your faith in humanity," the owner expressed.

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure.

While she and her family had to sift through a lot of filth and debris to get here, she will treasure this act of kindness forever.

Even though the trash was removed, Harris still has a lot of work to do inside the home. She says there are thousands of dollars worth of damage, but her family has chosen to forgive the renters instead of suing them.

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