Committee in Huntsville asks for Chief McMurray’s resignation, or for city council to remove him


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Rosa Parks Day Committee held a news conference Thursday saying statements made by Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle were unacceptable. The organization wants to see McMurray removed from his position as chief either by him stepping down, or the city council removing him.

The statements the committee is referencing are the statements each city leader made following the guilty verdict in HPD officer William Ben Darby’s murder trial.

More than a dozen members of the committee, and supporters of the group, were present for the Thursday morning news conference. They announced that, after a meeting with Mayor Battle, he provided the group with an amended statement.

David Person, a spokesperson for the committee read the new statement from Battle saying “He said and I quote, ‘I respect the decision of the jury. I respect officer Darby’s right to appeal,’ end quote.”

Person went on to say that the amended statement from Battle was acceptable to the committee. He said that fulfilled the request made by the group.

He also said, that he could see no way moving forward with McMurray as the leader of the Huntsville Police Department. The group is adamant that McMurray should resign. The group members say they do not have confidence he can move policing, or community relations in a different direction.

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