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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Four months after a gunman shot co-workers at the Mueller Plant in Albertville before eventually turning the gun on himself a non-profit is collecting money to help those impacted by the shooting.

Tuesday night, a committee met to develop a plan for how the more than $260,000 collected by the National Compassion Fund will be disbursed.

“100 percent of everything that was raised goes to the victims and those that are designated as recipients,” said Joe Whitmore Committee Chair for the Mueller Compassion Fund.

Potential recipients include family members of those who died in the shooting, victims physically injured and individuals emotionally injured. The money is not need-based, those eligible are encouraged to apply for the funds.

“We really just want to reach out to the people and make sure we are able to distribute our funds in the best way possible, to as many people as possible. Not just to those who were directly affected but also to many who were indirectly affected. Emotional scars or many of the things that happen to people that were there, that saw it, or had family members there,” Whitmore explained.

The National Compassion Fund required a committee to oversee the allocation of funds. Whitmore is one of 10 people taking community input to develop a plan for how more than $260,000 will be disbursed.

“Make sure we have covered everything and addressed anyone’s concerns and issues and that we are moving forward as transparent as possible,” Whitmore said.

To donate to the fund, visit this link.

Donations can be made to the Mueller Fund through November 15. The committee hopes to have the funds distributed before the end of this year.