Comics and Cones; how two young boys became entrepreneurs


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Jordan and Austin Tucker are ahead of the game when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Jordan, 13, and Austin, 9, already have their business license for their “Kid Owned Business,” Comics and Cones.

Jordan says it all started around kindergarten with his love of art.

“I always loved to make art. I used to have little small businesses that I would do at school where I would sell comic books to our principal and a few years after that, I told my mom I wanted to start a real business,” Jordan told News 19.

Veronica Tucker, their mom agreed. She and her husband Archie went down to the courthouse and got the boys their business license.

“We started this at the beginning of the pandemic, so we’ve been doing this about a year now,” Jordan said.

The Adventures of Snowball and Coneheads Volume One and Two are the everyday adventures of the brothers. Each page has a different story that’ll make you laugh and are based on true events.

Volume One Jordan did all by hand, with pencils, erasers and markers. Volume Two he used his iPad, which he says he prefers, “The lines are cleaner and you don’t see where I erased the line.”

Austin, timid at first, helps out with the story telling and finances, “I’m really good with math, so I like to handle the money,” but he says his favorite part are the snow cones, “We have six different flavors, each flavor represents a super power from the comic book,” Austin said.

What are those super powers, click here to order a copy of Volumes One and Two and find out!

The snow cones he says are an added touch, “It gives people something to cool off with on a hot day, but I also like seeing people happy and making them smile,” Austin said.

Archie and Veronica have been there every step of the way, “Without them we wouldn’t be able to get to events or get things done, so thanks mom and dad,” Jordan said.

“I’m so proud of my boys they’ve done a great job developing a business over the past year during the pandemic, it’s been tough, they were homeschooled and I was here with them helping them with homework and whatever they needed,” Archie says because of that the three have grown closer.

The boys have seen a ton of success, from selling out at the Huntsville Comic Expo to talking to classes filled with kids, they know they’re inspiring a whole new generation.

Jordan says no matter what age you are, if you want to start a business, “Like my dad says, ‘just do it.’ Because I mean when you start a business you start at the very bottom already, so the only way to go from there is up.”

Archie and Veronica said it may look and sound like the boys have a lot on their plate, but they still have time to run around, play and be kids.

Both boys always make sure school work is done before working on their newest comic strip and Jordan met his goal of a 4.0 GPA this year.

Volume Three is in the works and Jordan says it’s inspired by his new relationship with his dad.

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