Colorado company designs portable bulletproof shields for students to carry in backpacks


Angel Armor Ally One testing

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR)  — Angel Armor said it has engineered a portable shield that can protect students from bullets fired from handguns while remaining light and thin enough for them to care with ease inside backpacks.

The Fort Collins-based company designs body armor and car armor for law enforcement.

It has also designed a portable shield for civilians, called Ally One. The goal of the design is to make sure it can be easily carried in a backpack, purse or briefcase and shield someone when danger strikes.

“As you are starting to see these events more in society, we were trying to find a solution for every day carrying,” company spokesman Brian Brown said.

After events such as the school shooting in Florida on Wednesday, Brown said the company sees an increase in interest in the product.

“Our inquiries do go up from time to time based on these events,” Brown said.

Brown said it’s a difficult conversation to have as a parent, telling their children they should care the shields in their backpacks.

But Brown said it’s worth doing because it gives parents peace of mind.

“It’s hard for a school to say they aren’t a safe place. We would like to think they are safe but clearly we have seen it’s not the safest place sometimes,” Brown said.

The Ally One comes in four different sizes ranging in prices from $109 to $159.

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