Colonial Pipeline resumes operation after cyberattack, but some local stations still feeling supply pinch


HUNTSVILLE, Ala — After a six day disruption from a cyberattack, fuel is flowing again through the Colonial Pipeline, but not all area gas stations are back online.

“There is fuel available. It’s just when everybody is buying it at the same time due to hysteria, then it creates gaps in the supply chain, and that’s just what we’re seeing here,” said Dutch Oil Company vice president Matt Bogue.

Despite briefly running out of fuel on Wednesday, a Fuel City in Huntsville’s Five Points neighborhood said they were faring better than most gas stations in the area, and had plenty of fuel supply on Thursday.

“Yesterday, we had my gas run out, and I called my boss, and my boss said, gas is on the way,” said gas station attendant Victor Tom.

But next door, a Sunoco station’s pumps, spent much of Thursday covered with paper bags until an early evening delivery restored unleaded supply to the gas station. Across town, Terrence Henderson of Huntsville said he had come across several stations that were out of regular, but still had premium options.

“It’s been a little difficult, because everybody is trying to find gas and trying to figure out where to go to,” said Henderson.

Wednesday evening, the Colonial Pipeline was reopened, but company officials said it could take a few days before supplies return to normal. Colonial Pipeline is continuing to field questions about whether or not it paid ransom to the hackers who crippled its network, but so far has declined to comment.

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