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COLBERT COUNTY– A presumptive outbreak of Salmonella at a private event Saturday evening resulted in 77 people becoming sick and 12 people being sent to the hospital due to illness. All patients are recovering. They were deemed sick by a foodborne illness because their symptoms included vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and fever.

The Colbert County Health Department first received reports of illness on Monday morning and started investigating the potential foodborne outbreak. Their investigation began with the standard procedure of interviewing patients, obtaining patient specimens, inspecting the food source at the private event, and taking samples of the food. These specimens and food samples have been processed by the Alabama Department of Public Health’s laboratory.

The lab tests have concluded that the patient specimens tested “presumptive positive” for Salmonella. The caterer of the private event is cooperating with the health department and is no longer serving food. The incubation period of Salmonella can range from six to 72 hours.

The food in question was isolated to this private event, therefore there is no threat to the general public.