MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) — The Colbert County Animal Shelter is in need of several repairs to prevent flooding. Some areas on the back side of the building hold water up to nearly a foot high, which seeps into the shelter and covers the floor.

Charles Speegle was recently announced as the new director of the Colbert County Animal Shelter. Since then, he told News 19 that he has had to work tirelessly to try and fix things like flooding.

“It’s really important to keep this floor dry,” Speegle said. “It helps fight off disease, stuff like coccidia and parvo. It’s hard to keep it from spreading when the floor’s wet all the time.”

The shelter is currently holding over 60 animals, which is too many for the shelter to hold comfortably. However, Speegle said that the shelter has no plans to unnecessarily euthanize animals.

“We’re not going to euthanize animals to make spots for other animals,” Speegle said, “Not as long as I’m director here. I will quit my job before this becomes a kill-shelter. That’s a promise.”

Speegle told News 19 that he has taken these issues to Colbert County officials and their board of directors, and they are making plans to fix many of these issues.

The shelter is also in need of material donations. People are asked to donate cat litter, cat food, cleaning supplies, and all brands of dog food without red dye.