Click Picks: Street Performer Says ‘Enough is Enough’



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So when does some harmless teasing go too far?  Simple–when the person subjected to the teasing has had enough. You can see it play out by clicking below.

A street performer in Queensland, Australia, got to that point, as he was trying to entertain a small crowd gathered around him.

The street performer stayed in silent character and was shaking hands with a young boy, when a heckler approached.

The heckler first touches the performer’s face, then shifted his hat around, then finally licked his finger and stuck it in the performer’s ear.  That was apparently the breaking point for the performer.

Maybe a second later and without warning, the performer punched the heckler in the mouth, then went straight back into character.  He never uttered a word.

The viral video was posted to YouTube on Friday,  March 15th, and had more than five million views within three days.

Most of the comments posted to it were from people congratulating the street performer and saying the heckler got what he deserved.

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