CLICK PICKS: New Toy Uses Sun to Entertain Cats

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Many studies show having a pet reduces stress and comes with other healthy benefits.
But if you work, and have to leave your pet home alone, you may worry about it becoming destructively bored.

For cat-lovers, there’s a new solution.  The solarchaser is the newest thing out to make sure your feline friend has plenty to do at home while you’re away.

Check out the website which includes video demonstrations.

The toy works purely off the power of the sun.  There are no batteries to replace, ever.

To set it up, you suction-cup the toy onto any clean window that gets direct sunlight, put the switch in the “sun powered” position, and watch your kitty play the day away!

The toy automatically starts itself up and turns itself off when it senses sunlight striking the solar cell.

Then, when you get home, you can detach the wand and enjoy endless hours of one-on-one play.

The cost??? $39.95.    (photo credit:

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