Click Picks: Comets Headed towards Mars

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There’s something in the works thousands of miles above our heads that has space enthusiasts very excited.

It’s a natural phenomenon scientists discovered in January.

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CBSNEWS.COM is reporting there is a comet headed for mars and expected to produce quite a light show in the martian sky before and after it passes by.

That won’t be until October 19, 2014, but already scientists are assembling a comet-watching campaign using martian rovers and spacecraft currently orbiting the red planet.

They’re trying to figure out how to prevent cometary debris from hitting the equipment as the comet and planet converge.

A scientist working from an an observatory in Australia discoverd it January 3rd.  It’s estimated the comet has been on a more than 1-million-year journey.

Right now, scientists don’t know if the comet will hit Mars or not, since they’re still trying to determine the comet’s size and path.

While that show is a year-and-a-half away, there’s another comet, discovered last September, predicted to streak by Mars in October and could be one of the brightest comets ever seen.

(Image Credit, Illustration:  Kim Poor)

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