Clemson football coach accused of pushing religion


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What happens when football and religion collide? We’re finding out right now.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is speaking out, saying he will not change the way he runs the school’s football program or his procedures.

The response comes in the wake of a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. As the Associated Press reports at, the group complained about “the football program’s connection to the coach’s Christian religion.”

According to the foundation, Swinney has “promoted a culture in the program that promotes Christianity and violates constitutional guidelines against publicly funded institutions endorsing religion or engaging in religious exercises.”

Swinney refutes that. He notes that he recruits players of all backgrounds and religions. He also argues families of players should know a little about the coach and who he is – not just his football philosophy.

To read more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s complaint and Swinney’s response, click here.

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