‘Cleaning For A Reason’ provides free home cleaning for cancer patients

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. — Not many people enjoy cleaning their homes, let alone someone else’s, but a group of women in Huntsville say they love it and for good reason.

Two Maids & A Mop partnered with Cleaning For A Reason to help women going through cancer treatment by cleaning their homes for free.

“I really don’t look at them as Two Maids and A Mop, it’s more my friends are coming,” said Katherine Dickerson, a client with stage three breast cancer. “On treatment weeks it’s hard to get up and keep everything together, and cleaned up, and for them to come and just take time is a big relief.”

Two Maids And A Mop has been in operation in Huntsville for nearly 10 years. The owner, Liz Lamar, said Cleaning For A Reason gives purpose to an industry that can sometimes seem mundane. She said their clients are like family, which can be the hardest part.

“There are people that we’ve seen recover and there are people that have not, that have not made it,” Lamar said. “I mean it’s different every time, I mean it’s not easy.”

Tha special bond is what has kept Kristen Norris with the company since the very beginning. She said she loves cleaning the homes of women who are going through the battle of their lives.

They were nice, they were sweet, they were loving,” said Norris. It turns out those women were preparing her for a battle of her own.

“I have cancer,” she said. “Breast cancer.”

After she spent years wiping away the worries of other women, this time she needed the support. She said she couldn’t have gotten through it without her family, friends, and Two Maids And A Mop.

“She helps me by letting me work when I feel good, and she gives me the time off when I need it no questions asked,” Morris said about Lamar. “She’s just like the best person.”
The women are employees, bosses, and clients, all partners in the same fight.

“It means a lot, it really does, it means a whole lot. It makes my heart warm,” said Katherine Dickerson.

Cleaning For A Reason has partnerships with cleaning providers across the country. Lamar said they soon plan to open their services up to men and children going through cancer treatment.

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