Civil Suit Filed Against Scarano, Family Following South Huntsville Wreck

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Jeremiah Michael Hodges, a local personal injury lawyer, has filed a summons on behalf of his clients, Amy Creech and Bailey Douglass, against Gunner Scarano and his father, Richard Scarano, for personal injury caused by motor vehicle negligence. “We believe that the young man was negligent on the date in question,” said Hodges. “We also suspect that it was a situation where he shouldn’t have been allowed to be driving that truck.”

Creech was a driver of a vehicle that was struck by Scarano when his black Ford F-150 hit several vehicles at the intersection of Bailey Cove and Weatherly Roads in south Huntsville last week.  Douglass, Creech’s daughter, was a passenger in Creech’s blue Kia Soul.

The complaint states that Creech and Douglass suffered injuries and damages as a result of the accident. “We filed suit in this case because we’re dealing with a very serious situation and there’s more information out there that we don’t know than we do,” said Hodges.

The filings specified that a trial by jury has been demanded and a monetary award is being requested.

Several questions about Scarano’s personal health are asked in a legal brief, including if he had consumed any alcohol, the last time he checked his blood sugar, and if he was using an insulin pump at the time of the wreck. Hodges said, “I want to make that very clear; this lawsuit was filed by what we anticipate the evidence may be. But we don’t have those facts yet.”

View the legal filings here: Scarano Main, Interrogatories Scarano, Scarano Civil Scarano,  Civil Complaint

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