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MOULTON, Ala. – A project to improve sewer lines in Moulton just got a boost.

The Appalachian Regional Commission has approved a $200,000 grant to replace 3,000 feet of existing sewer lines with new, larger pipes. Funds will also be used to improve a pumping station in the city.

The ultimate goal of the project – improve flow to the city’s wastewater treatment facility and prevent backflows.

Gov. Kay Ivey underscored the importance of maintaining the city’s sewer system.

“A sewer system is a vital component of a municipality that provides an essential service to residents. Ensuring that a system is functioning properly is a necessity, and city officials are to be commended for their response to this need. I am pleased to assist in this project through our state’s partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission.”

Gov. Kay Ivey

37 Alabama counties are part of the ARC, which is a joint economic development agency between the federal government and 13 state governments.

The ARC seeks to innovate, partner, and invest to build communities and strengthen economic growth across the Appalachia region to help the area reach social and economic parity with the rest of the nation.

The City of Moulton will be matching the ARC grant with $119,978 of local funding.