Chevron Robbery Caught On Tape

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An armed robbery at a Madison Boulevard Chevron Friday night was caught on tape, and the manager wants them found.

It was just before 10 p.m. Friday, April 13th, when a red van pulled up to the gas station.

In the video you can see the first man as he heads into the store, followed shortly by his accomplice.

The two men are in and out of the store but before they leave, one of the men quickly leans over the counter where the cashier had left money out in the open.

In the video you see the men finish filling their tank, and discussing something through the car window. They then pull the car to the side of the building.
Just a few minutes later one of them is back, and armed.

“Having a gun especially that big pointed two inches away from your nose, I mean she called me scared to death. I told her ‘hang up and call the police’,” said manager April Guzman.

The man appears to have changed his clothes before returning to the store, but Guzman says she’s certain it’s the same man, because shortly after the robbery you can see the same red van tearing out of the parking lot.

Guzman says police were there within minutes, and did gather fingerprints.

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