Changes coming to Alabama insurance laws in 2020

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Starting Jan. 1, a new car insurance law is going into effect that could impact what could happen if you’re pulled over.

The new car insurance law will give a break to people caught driving without insurance.

Currently, if insurance can’t be confirmed, the person has 30 days to provide it.

If they can’t, their registration is suspended, they get a $200 fine, and they have to provide proof of insurance.

A second violation within four years means a $400 fine, proof of insurance, and a four-month suspension of vehicle registration.

The change: The state is taking away the four-month suspension.

The department of revenue says that once someone has paid the four hundred dollars and provided proof of insurance, taking away that person’s ability to drive is an extra burden on taxpayers because that person may not be able to get to work, school or other places.

The law also changes the period for second and subsequent violations from four years to three.

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