Cemetery Desecrated in Limestone County; Dozens of Monuments Damaged

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Disrespecting the dead. Members of a Limestone County Church discover dozens of headstones knocked over and broken. Deputies are looking for the vandals.

Loved ones rushed to their family member’s gravesite. They didn’t want to talk to those buried at the Hatchett Cemetery.

‘This is a crime. The people responsible for this should certainly be punished for their crime,” said Deacon Thomas Townsend.

Townsend had something to say to the cemetery’s previous visitors. He could not believe what he saw near his dad’s resting place.

‘It`s sad that someone would not have any more love in their heart than to just come and desecrate a place where loved ones are buried,” added Townsend.

Limestone County Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for whoever pulled up, knocked over and broke headstones.

‘It just blinded me. I was really upset,” said Deacon James Lucas.

Lucas’ mom, dad and grandmother are buried at the cemetery.

“I could not believe what was I was seeing. A tornado would not do any more damage than what`s been done here,” added Lucas.

People have been buried at the cemetery since the 1800s.

‘It does not look like a prank to me with this much damage,” added Townsend.

“Look at it. Someone is going to have to replace that, so it is just not right,” added Lucas.

Members of Little Ezekiel Missionary Baptist Church plan to hold church at the cemetery on Sunday. Please call the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department if you have any information about the vandalism.

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