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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Card My Yard Huntsville is not just your regular sign business. 

The celebration sign business was started by a local couple. They put huge celebratory cards in yards and it’s hard to miss. 

While we’re mostly confined to our homes, it’s always nice to look out the window and see some brightness and color.

The business does birthdays, anniversaries, and life events with people throughout north Alabama.

Due to COVID-19 many events, graduations and celebrations have been canceled — but many people are still celebrating by having their front lawns decorated. 

Amy McField and her husband Mac own ‘Card My Yard, Huntsville’

She says she’s swamped with work — but so grateful for the generosity of the community during this tough time.

“Everything about it is a celebration, it’s about celebrating the people in your lives the events in your life and right now people are desperate for you know not so doom and gloom, they want something that’s going to bring some positivity, they love the bright colors they love the messages that we put out there,” said Amy McField.

Amy and her husband go out overnight in the dark and assemble these huge cards so that people can wake up in the morning to a surprise on their lawn — or people can just drive by to see a message of hope.

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