Campgrounds busier than usual for season kick off, Memorial Day Weekend


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Monte Sano State Park’s manager says more people are getting out to enjoy the great outdoors and with the beautiful weather we have had, this Memorial Day weekend was no exception.

Monte Sano State Park’s camp grounds were packed out for the holiday weekend. Park Manager Emma Lansdell says this is pacing out to be their busiest season they’ve had in years, and its just getting started.

“Since everybody has been out of work and everybody had been home with their kids everybody has been trying to get out. They’ve been exercising on the trails they’ve been camping. Our cabins have been packed,” said Lansdell.

Some campers even traveling to Monte Sano from out of state to enjoy the holiday weekend.

“All of Kentucky is closed and the state parks, so we decided to come here,” said Jim Hobgood.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick and her family were among the crowd wanting to get away and enjoy time in a new scene.

“You go to a store or something and everybody’s got on all the facemasks. There is overcrowding and now we are scared to touch things and up here its just nature,” said Fitzpatrick.

Park management says Memorial Day is their big kick start for the season but they’ve been booked solid for four weeks .

“All the trails are packed. You see people riding bicycles and everything up the road so it is really, there’s a lot of people out,” said Hobgood.

Monte Sano Park officials say while the pandemic has hurt most businesses and industries, they were able to use the time off to complete maintenance and projects ahead of their busy season.

“So the financial impact for us luckily has not put us behind from where we usually are throughout the year,” says Lansdell.

Lansdell says park admission for day use fees and rentals for cabins and camping are all trending upwards

Monte Sano State park says they are hour by hour disinfecting all public facilities within the park and have modified their rental offices to keep visitors safe and healthy.

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