Campers Enduring Heat

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With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner campgrounds across the valley are filling up.


And that’s despite the hotter than normal temps we have been seeing.


Fourth of July decorations can already be spotted at the McFarland Park campgrounds in Florence.


And something else that’s just about as noticeable as the American flag, electric fans and tents for shade.  


“It’s going to be hot,” says camper Susie Garrison. “So the best thing to do is just try to stay cool the best you can and drink plenty.  Use fans, air conditioners, and whatever you can or get in the water.”


With temperatures well over 100 degrees for the next several days, many of these campers are going to be relying on air conditioning for comfort, not Mother Nature.


“They have trees here, and we try to get under some of these trees.  I know over there, a lot of people are over there in the sun over there, don’t have any shade unless they’ve got a tent,” said Oscar Lemay, who has been camping at McFarland Park for eight years.


But from Susie Garrison’s vantage point under her shady spot, there are several campers already braving the heat, and ‘old school’ camping.


No electricity or comforts of home for them.


“As long as they stay hydrated they will be fine.  A lot of them go swimming up here at the beach, and go out on the boats,” said Garrison. “I reckon that’s how they are going to stay cool. I don’t know about them.”


As for Garrison and the others lying claim to parking spots for their campers, they plan to brave the heat inside or under a shade tent.


Florence city administrators say they’ve also banned any kind of open flame fires from being used in the campgrounds.


As of Thursday, the trailer and camper parking at the McFarland campgrounds are full.

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