Businesses closed in winter weather take financial loss


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The winter storm that came across North Alabama forced many businesses to close their doors this week, which means owners missed nearly a week of income and their employees didn’t make money.

Terranova’s Italian Restaurant has been in Huntsville for 15 years and there is a second location in downtown Athens, both of which have been closed nearly all week. Owner Dan Oliver says he’s just glad it was after the Valentine’s Day rush.

Terranova’s Italian Restaurant is typically closed on Monday but remained closed for days as winter weather hit North Alabama.

“You gotta make that decision of what’s best for the staff,” says Terranova’s owner, Dan Oliver.

And for a business, closed doors mean you’re not making money.

“And you know you factor in losing income because the bills are still coming in but you need the revenue to come in as well,” says Oliver.

Owner Dan Oliver says it’s usually easy to decide when to close they follow the local school systems.

“It was fairly easy at that point but it was also hard because it affects all my servers, my cooks. They lose their pay for that week. Which is really tough,” says Oliver.

Oliver says for them, the timing could have been worse.

“Well the best thing about the snow is it didn’t happen last week, valentines week was really big for us so that was a big blessing,” says Oliver.

But being closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday took a toll.

“When the weather moved in we basically just shut it down so we basically lost the whole week to be honest with you,” says Oliver.

Oliver says the Athens location remained closed on Friday due to icy road conditions.

“A lot of employees live in Elkmont and Rogersville and they just can not get in, so we just shut it down and hopefully the sun will melt away the snow and we can tackle that tomorrow,” says Oliver.

Oliver says they will continue pushing forward and they are grateful for the continued support of their loyal customers.

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