SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Business got back to normal at Scooters Sports Grill on Thursday, just one day after a shooting inside the restaurant.

Restaurant owner, Mark Bangs, said the shooting was “very, very unusual” for the business, which has been open for five years. Bangs said this is the first “incident” they’ve had.

Bangs said on a regular night folks are listening to music on the juke box, shooting pool, and playing cornhole. He said the incident between the two men was the result of “an outside problem that got brought into Scooters”. He called the situation “unfortunate” for the business.

Bangs said fighting is not tolerated. He said the restaurant bans people who cause trouble.

“One time, and you are gone,” he said.

Bangs, a military veteran, said he’s seen shooting before from his time serving, but the incident was “traumatizing” for other people.

Scooters is open to anyone during the early evening hours, but minors are not allowed after 8pm. The shooting happened just before 9 p.m., so no children were present.

When it comes to security, Bangs said he keeps his bases covered. He has 16 security cameras installed throughout the inside and outside of the building. The entire shooting was captured on video camera. Bangs said the police has already collected the video as evidence for the investigation.

Bangs hopes his regular and future customers aren’t deterred by the shooting. He said he was sorry his customers on Wednesday night had to go through that.