Burritt on the Mountain says event venues are ‘doing the best they can’ to recover from mandatory closures


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry’s finances. The wedding and event industries are no exception. Burritt on the Mountain’s Development Director said they are trying to recover after being closed for months.

“I think like most attractions and venues here in Huntsville and around probably around the world, everybody is just trying to pivot and do the best they can,” Caroline Buncick said.

When Governor Kay Ivey closed event spaces across Alabama, it created uncertainty for venues.

“Before the pandemic, we were booked every weekend,” Buncick said.

But Buncick said thankfully they were able to reschedule about 85 percent of the weddings that had to be cancelled during the shutdown.

“We’re also rescheduling on dates that normally a bride might not choose such as a Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon,” Buncick said.

That sort of compromise allows the venue to make up some missed money and the bride to still have her big day.

“In the end, it’s a wedding and it’s a joyful occasion,” Buncick.

She said having outdoor space allows them to continue holding other events.

“We are having our concerts and we are limiting the amount of tickets and we are spacing everybody apart,” Buncick said.

Like many venues, Burritt on the Mountain is doing everything it can to follow state health orders and still make money. But where its finances will land at the end of the year is still up in the air.

“It’s not a comeback. It’s trying to deal with what the reality is and what everybody is going through,” Buncick said.

Burritt on the Mountain is a non-profit event venue. Officials say they are applying for grants and searching for donors to make up for lost funding from the pandemic.

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