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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Police arrested a man and charged him with multiple counts of burglary after he allegedly broke into five apartment units early Tuesday morning.

It happened at the HUB apartment complex, a student housing facility near the University of Alabama campus. Chloe Fabiano is a UA student and resident of the HUB, she says this whole incident is scary.

“Yeah it’s very terrifying and you shouldn’t have to come to college having to think about that,” Fabiano said. “You should just come to college to focus on your studies but having to worry about people coming into your apartment and being a woman, and you have a lot more to think about so”.

According to police, the doors were not locked at any of the five units that were broken into.  27-year-old suspect, Corey Ruffins, was arrested and faces burglary and resisting arrest charges.  Authorities say he is a registered sex offender. After entering the apartment units, Ruffins stole some money and other items.

Assistant Police Chief Steve Rice says this should serve as a wake-up call that residents need to lock their doors.

“This goes back to lots of folks thinking that when they are in their homes, they think they are untouchable and don’t need to lock their doors,” Rice said. “But that just invites the criminal element in and makes it easier for them”.

Rice tells CBS 42 that several victims were sleeping when the suspect entered their apartments, no one was hurt and the intruder fled but was later apprehended.

Chloe Fabiano says she is thankful none of the residents was injured.

“I am very thankful it wasn’t worse than it is and it stinks to have somebody walking around inside your apartment but I am thankful nobody was hurt or injured and didn’t get their belongings stolen and this is very unfortunate,” Fabiano said.

The residents were able to alert one another of the intruder using a group chat app.