Burger King’s plant-based Whopper goes nationwide

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Burger King is best known for the beefy Whopper, but now the fast food giant is offering an alternative nationwide: a flame-broiled version that contains no meat. The Impossible Whopper’s patty is a plant-based product that looks like beef.

We had Henry Gonzalez try a regular Whopper and the Impossible version. “As far as flavor: it tastes the same,” Gonzalez says, “it’s just as good, I would have to say. CBS correspondent Tom Hanson asked Gonzalez, “If someone were to set this in front of you and tell you this is a normal burger, would you believe them?” Gonzalez said “Yeah.”

The burger is the creation of Impossible Foods, which uses soy and potato protein along with other ingredients. Another company called Beyond Meat does something similar.

A number of restaurants are now getting in on the meatless movement. Carl’s Jr., Dunkin’, White Castle and Little Caesars all offer plant based items from Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat.

McDonald’s offers a vegan burger in Germany and is reportedly discussing meatless options in the U.S. Chicken giant Tyson is rolling out a plant-based chicken nugget.

Sales of plant-based foods are up more than a billion dollars in the past two years, according to the Plant Based Foods Association.

Amanda Topper is the Associate Director of Foodservice Research at Mintel. She says, “I think we are gonna see more restaurants offering this, and I really think it’s gonna take shape in other types of menu items beyond just burgers and taco and pizza.”

Food vloggers Crystal Pang and Amanda Schaible tried the Impossible Whopper because they don’t eat meat. Pang said, “It’s delicious! I love it. It’s like meaty without any of the meat.”

The Impossible Whopper costs a dollar more than the traditional Whopper. It has 6 less grams of fat and much less cholesterol but contains 18% more carbohydrates and has almost the same number of calories.

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