Bulletproof blanket designed to protect students


(Photo courtesy: BODYGUARD Blanket)

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EDMOND, Okla. (WHNT) — A father of two elementary school students designed a product to protect children in the event of a school shooting.

The Sandy Hook school shooting inspired Steve Walker to create something that could protect his boys from a dangerous classroom intruder. He created the “Bodyguard Blanket” to do that. It’s a bullet resistant protective blanket. Kids can put it on like a backpack, and it will give them head-to-toe defense. It’s made out of the same material used to protect police officers and soldiers, and it can be kept in a classroom and easily put on.

(Photo courtesy: BODYGUARD Blanket)
(Photo courtesy: BODYGUARD Blanket)

A person shot through the blanket can still be hurt, but the bullet likely won’t kill them.

Developers say it’s not just for protection from gunman. The “Bodyguard Blanket” can likely also deflect debris from a tornado.

Walker says, “It won’t save every life. We would never say this is better than a tornado shelter, but we do believe we’ve developed the next best option.”

With school districts across the country trying to figure out the most realistic way to keep children safe on a school’s budget, the “Bodyguard blanket” may be a solution.

Right now, the price is just less than $1,000 per blanket. However, the company hopes to offer discounts for larger orders for school districts.

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