Brindlee Mountain kindergarten teacher raising money for tables & chairs after tornado


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – It’s been well over a year since an EF-2 tornado destroyed most of Brindlee Mountain Primary School. Even though the school has moved, teachers are hoping to replace some of what they lost.

“I just miss our old building. It was my home for a lot of years,” said Joan Prance, a kindergarten teacher at Brindlee Mountain Primary.

Ms. Prance has been teaching for over 20-years. 2020 was unlike any other year she has ever experienced in the classroom. Imagine being in kindergarten, the first exposure to school. A natural disaster happens and a global pandemic.

“Especially at this young age. You know. Some will come to us and be really shy. Or they might cry. They won’t speak a lot. It’s hard at first to know what they need,” said Ms. Prance.

Engaging students has been hard, but Ms. Prance knows what her students need. Since leaving the original Brindlee Mountain Primary, the school has moved to the middle school. After the tornado, other schools and donors stepped up to make sure kids could return to class.

Currently, Ms. Prance has her kindergarten students using old high school desks. “I’m really appreciative but it’s hard when 20 kids are going this way (up and down) and it’s making all kinds of noise.”

Ms. Prance says tables are a better teaching surface for kindergarteners.

That’s where Donors Choose comes in. Teachers all over the country use the site to raise funds for teaching materials. Sometimes celebrities and businesses fund entire wish lists to thank teachers for their dedication.

“We live in a rural community. So parents don’t have a whole lot. We try to fund it however we can. Every one of us will spend our own money. We want our classroom as nice as it can be,” said Ms. Prance.

You can help Ms. Prance and other teachers at her school by clicking here.

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