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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – On December 18, an AR-15 rifle is being raffled off to support Brewer High School’s baseball team. But for some concerned parents, it raises questions about such an event being connected to a high school.

“Brewer Baseball, AR-15 rifle, Anderson AM-15. Ticket’s $5 each or 5 for $20.”

That’s how the raffle tickets read. But the school’s principal, Kevin Serrett, tells News 19 it’s not a school raffle.

Serrett said a group of parents chose the gun raffle as a way to raise money for the baseball program.

However, due to the current climate of violence in schools, and a recent increase in student threats in North Alabama, we inquired about student participation in the raffle.

Serrett said the raffle has not been promoted on school grounds and more importantly no students are allowed to purchase or sell tickets.

“Everything is being done by the parents outside of the school setting,” he said.

The raffle winner will be required to go to the gun dealership and pass their FBI and security check prior to taking possession of the gun, according to the school’s principal.

Serrett told News 19 the parents thought a gun raffle would be a popular choice for the adults in the area. He said the school separated its students from the fundraiser intentionally.

“We are very aware of the terrible realities of gun violence and specifically how it affects schools nationwide,” Serrett said. “This is why we have been adamant that no children were to be involved in the selling or buying of the tickets or in gaining possession of the gun.”