Brewer High graduates organize their own prom despite COVID-19


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Some high schools were able to make prom work through the COVID-19 pandemic. Others like Brewer High School canceled the dance. Now as summer comes to an end, Brewer graduates and their parents are holding a prom of their own.

Brewer High seniors hoped and hoped they would have a senior prom. They saw other schools in Morgan County pulling it off. It just didn’t happen. However, after some students exchanged some text messages, and got some support from the community, here we are.

Socially distanced slow dancing. We didn’t ask for it but that’s what 2020 gave us along with getting our temperatures taken everywhere we go. But not all of us faced these hurdles while we finished high school.

“We were upset about it you know, a lot of people already had dresses. People were already prepared for it,” said recent Brewer graduate Evaiah Burrows.

Instead of moping around after graduation, Evaiah Burrows and Makenzie Latham decided to be proactive by throwing their class a prom.

“I texted Kenzie and I asked her if she still wanted to have one,” said Burrows. “She said ‘Of course,’ and I said ‘Let’s do it then.'”

The girls and their parents started a GoFundMe. It didn’t last long before Lynn Loflin, a local businessman and Brewer alumnus stepped up to pay for the entire event. “After 13 years of school, I think they deserve a prom,” Loflin said.

“You are going to pay for everything? He was like yeah,”said Latham.

“My son was also a senior this year. I saw how much it just broke his heart to not be able to do the things seniors normally do because of this COVID crisis,” said Eric Little, DJ Kranke.

Brewer graduates were also able to get professional prom pictures to remember the moment.

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