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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Madison County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Commander Michael Salomonsky confirmed the deputy who accidentally shot himself in the leg is seriously injured. Salomonsky said they expect he will have surgery on Tuesday morning at Huntsville Hospital. Authorities said the injury happened during a Tuesday morning drug raid at 3405-A Elizabeth Street. This is one of two early morning drug raids.

Around 5 a.m., The Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Huntsville police SWAT team were called to the home on Elizabeth Street in north Huntsville. Salomonsky said they found marijuana inside the home. They are working to secure arrest warrants.

As authorities cleared the home, that’s when a deputy shot himself in the lower leg, while putting his equipment away. He was taken to Huntsville Hospital.

One person inside the home fainted and was also taken to the hospital.  WHNT News 19 was told there will be several arrests.

“I cannot even begin to comment on how many people we’re going to put in jail,” Lt. Brian Chaffin, a Madison County Sheriff’s Office investigator, said. “As this investigation continues, a fluid investigation, we may end up with 10 we may end up with five, we may end up with 15, we don’t know at this time.”

Madison County Sheriff’s Office also executed a search warrant on the 4300 block of Barry Street. Salomonsky said they found ecstasy, marijuana and two firearms. They are working to secure arrest warrants.