Boost Your Business with These Helpful Curbside Pick-Up Tips Your Customers Will Appreciate


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In the weeks and months ahead, there will be no “business as usual.” The coronavirus pandemic has made every American rethink all facets of everyday life and has created serious challenges for business. 

However, there’s hope ahead. States are allowing a widening number of businesses to open, so new revenue possibilities are becoming available. Your business has a fresh opportunity to encourage new relationships and build trust.

Some states are now allowing some businesses to resume serving customers, but at a reduced capacity. Offering curbside pickup might be an option to increase sales while only a limited number of people are allowed inside your facility. Follow these curbside pickup best practices to set yourself up for success.

Create A Little Ambiance 

Think outside the box to stand out from other local businesses offering curbside pickup. Use lighting creatively in your parking lot to create a welcoming nighttime pickup. Consider using low-power local radio communication and encouraging customers to tune in while they’re on your lot. Reduce perceived wait time when you use it to advertise specials, explain what you’re doing to protect consumer health and play music that enhances their experience.

Enforce Strict Health and Hygiene Policies 

As unthinkable as it seems, some of your employees may not be washing their hands correctly and doing their part to prevent the spread of infection. Develop an official policy for your staff and use training to explicitly communicate your expectations. Find ways to regularly verify everyone is doing their best. We offer hygiene tips in our BBB Toolkit, if you haven’t already developed them for your organization. 

Clearly Direct Consumers to Curbside Pickup Area 

One of the top consumer pet peeves is when businesses have unclear instructions for curbside pickup. One consumer expressed his frustration when he said “Do I call? Come in? Sometimes there’s a sign outside, but it’s so small you can’t read it until you get out of your car and walk up to the door. I might as well go in at that point.”

Use large visual aids that show consumers where they should park for curbside pickup and what to do next. As soon as they enter your parking lot, they should be able to see you were expecting them and you’re glad they came. 

Communicate handoff procedures ahead of time. Will employees hand items directly to consumers, place them in an open trunk or take some other action? If a transaction takes place, how will you exchange funds without also exchanging germs?

Follow Up With a Thank You 

Show your appreciation with a text message or email that thanks each consumer for their business. Consider including a coupon or loyalty rewards points to encourage future transactions.

Protect Consumer Data 

To serve your customers, you’re collecting information on them you wouldn’t have if they just stopped in your store and made a purchase. Have a plan for safeguarding or destroying that information so it doesn’t get misused.

For additional tips, read the full article on how to boost your business with curbside pickup best practices.


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