Boaz physician discusses healthcare outlook under Biden-Harris administration


BOAZ, Ala. — There are still many questions as we begin the next four years under the Biden-Harris administration.

One of the big ones is how will the new presidency impact healthcare and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

President Joe Biden promised to provide 100 million COVID-19 vaccinations in his first 100 days in office.

While that may be challenging based on the limited supply, Dr. Rommel Go of the Go Medical Group in Boaz told News 19 he is optimistic for the future under the country’s newest leaders.

He said Mr. Biden’s promise to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible is also a good thing because it can “get people into the herd immunity much faster.”

Dr. Go added that President Biden appears to believe in science more so than his predecessor.

“Just the way he presented himself. He is always wearing a mask. All of his staff around him are wearing masks. So, that gives the general public, you know, something to look up to and lets just believe in science and I’m sure that we’re going to get out of this pandemic eventually of course with help of the government, the scientists, and all the physicians and healthcare workers,” said Dr. Go.

Dr. Go said he is also staying positive because he believes that President Biden is working to provide insurance for the uninsured.

He explained to News 19 that his positive outlook is also in part to new treatments for COVID-19 and new vaccines possibly rolling out soon, including Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine, which is still in Phase 3 clinical trials.

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