Boaz High School football players buy new bike for teammate


BOAZ, Ala.- Football is all about teamwork and being there for each other once the whistle blows.

However, Boaz High School players are proving that they are also there for each other off the field.

Boaz High School freshman football player Ranai Ortega was down on his luck.

“We didn’t know where he was at for a couple of days because he didn’t show up. He told us his bike broke,” said quarterback Carter Lambert.

“He’s just got a lot of energy and he doesn’t really talk much but he’s always there for us and if you’re down he’s there to pick you up and he’s just a really hard worker,” said receiver Mason Alexander.

70 or so of Ortega’s teammates put their money together to buy him a new one.

“We’re all family and so I think that just shows that we can all depend on each other and count on each other and now he knows that we all care about him and want him here just as much as we want anybody else here,” said Lambert.

The bike cost $170, but seeing the look on Ortega’s face, was worth it.

WHNT News 19 was  unable to speak with Ortega, but his head coach Jeremy Sullivan said it was touching to be a part of.

“He was excited. He was touched. A little bit emotional maybe. It really means a lot to him that his teammates care about him enough to go out of their way to try to do something for him,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan explained that it was not that Ortega’s parents could not or would not replace his broken bike, it is just that his teammates saw a chance to help out and ran with it.

Lambert and Alexander say they and their teammates did not do it for the attention but hope their act of kindness spreads.

“With all the stuff that’s going on in our nation and stuff, I just hope that some people can see the good that we did,” said Alexander.

“When you do something nice for people, it don’t just effect that person, it effects everybody that sees that and maybe that’ll spread. We sure need it,” said Sullivan.

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