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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The more time that passes the more details come out on the devastating earthquake that hit Ecuador.

At this time, the country’s government reports 413 people have died since Saturday and at least 2,500 people were injured.

The 7.8 magnitude quake hit the country’s pacific coastline in an area of beaches popular with American tourists.

Right here in the Tennessee Valley two people are making preparations to bring aid and relief to the devastated nation.

The nonprofit Blossomwood Foundation is collecting donations to help in the effort. The founder of the foundation, Jenny Pukis, and Blossomwood Nurse Practitioner, Claudia Acreman, are about to embark on a 2,400 mile trek to Ecuador.

With them they are bringing their skills, a willingness to help and money to help bless as many lives as possible.

The nation is in pure destruction and has been shaken to its core. While resources and aid are in short supply, love is abundant, universal, and on the way from Madison County.

“You see a struggle, you address it right there,” said foundation founder, Pukis.

It’s that mentality that leads Pukis and Acreman to raise funds for the next week and to help in all ways possible.

“This is about if you have the ability to help, you go no matter who you are,” said Acreman.

Now through Sunday they are collecting donations to purchase food, water and medical supplies once they reach Ecuador. They plan to take whatever money they raise in a short week’s time and they also plan to bring many water filters.

“It doesn’t matter if I can give somebody a cup of water or help someone dig out of the rubble or bandage somebody up, it doesn’t matter. These people need help all the way around and we are hoping we can provide that,” said Acreman.

Every dollar donated to the foundation will be used for resources in the aid relief. Donations are not used for any travel expenses.

These ladies plan to stay for at least a week and if you would like to contribute you can drop off a check to any Blossomwood clinic location. You can make checks to the Blossomwood Foundation.