Bird Flu FAQ

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What is the bird flu?

  • AKA avian influenza, it is a viral infection that is deadly to birds.


How does the bird flu start?

  • Migratory birds (ducks, geese) can transmit a virus from somewhere else, often through physical contact or their droppings. Humans can contaminate a farm if they’ve been in contact with migratory birds.


How does it spread?

  • Bird-to-bird contact is how the virus is spread. Right now there is no concern about it being an airborne virus.


How can we tell if a bird has been affected?

  • Farmers spend a lot of time with their animals. Just like with a pet, they can tell if something is off. Once they can tell that something is wrong, they’ll stop distribution and start testing.


What is the best way to stop the virus from spreading?

  •  Especially when the virus is detected early on, the easiest way to stop the spread of the pathogenic illness is to euthanize the affected birds.


Can humans be affected?

  • It is very uncommon, but is possible. Humans that are affected will likely have symptoms comparable to a normal flu virus.


Will it affect chicken/egg supply and cost?

  • If it’s caught soon enough, this will not affect consumer supply and cost.




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