Bill under consideration in Tennessee would allow students to conceal carry at public universities


Two lawmakers in Tennessee have put forth a bill that would allow registered students to conceal carry handguns at public colleges or universities.

According to the legislation, students at any of the 10 public institutions of higher education authorized to carry a concealed handgun will be able to take them anywhere on the school’s property.

The bill has some teachers concerned. one professor at Middle Tennessee State University says she worries that with firearms, tough conversations with students could turn violent.

“It’s rare, but I’ve definitely been in some volatile interactions with students, said Dr. Pipa Holloway. “And sure, I would be a lot more fearful knowing that they could be legally carrying a gun into my office on a Friday afternoon while they’re crying.”

The bill was introduced earlier this year and so far has passed the second consideration in the senate.

In Alabama, the state community college system and the University of Alabama college system both have policies that prohibit guns or other dangerous weapons for most people.

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