Big Picture Huntsville focuses on the future Medical District

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Change is on the way for Huntsville’s Medical District and the city is recruiting the community to help navigate that growth. Wednesday night dozens of people gathered at Huntsville High School to check out the interim plan for the district.

To ensure this growth happens the right ways, it’s a balancing act. The city is working with the community to preserve character, enhance the neighborhood, introduce growth and maintain the district’s integrity.

“We are considering the Medical District as Governors to California, the Parkway and Bob Wallace,” explained Huntsville Long-Term Plan Manager, Dennis Madsen.

People have the opportunity to see an outline of the proposed changes on display.

“I loved it,” said resident, Michelle Falcon. “Especially all the pedestrian walks and greenways they are thinking about incorporating. That’s going to be phenomenal.”

A unique destination greenway is proposed that will run along the historic Madison County Rail Road Authority line. And that’s not all; a walkable Whitesburg Drive is on the way.

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“To be a little less of an anonymous street,” said Madsen. “It would be more of a main street, where people can walk to. They can walk among the shops and it feel a little more like a neighborhood piece.”

The allowance of more pedestrian and bike traffic was a great hit within community members who attended the gathering.

“Anything that allows people to move around without having to get in their car, drive it and sit at a red light is a good thing,” said Huntsville Hospital Senior Vice President of Support Services, Rudy Hornsby.

The plan is still very much a draft. But one thing is certain, change is on the way, and character is a big part of what’s coming with it.

“Character is a key piece,” said Madsen. “It’s what gives us enjoyment to our neighborhoods and what makes us love where we live.”

As Huntsville continues to grow, this medical district will be a vital piece to the functionality of the city. This meeting is just part of making sure the community is 100% involved in the big picture that will be here soon enough.

From here the City of Huntsville will tweak the plan and add details. Also, city leaders will speak with community members and then begin solidifying the overall picture to implement.

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