Best Buy Black Friday shoppers say fewer people coming out


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Black Friday means a day filled with people looking to take advantage of a wild day of deals, but that may look a little bit different this year.

Best Buy, like so many other stores, adjusted their hours and extended them for this Black Friday, oepning bright and early at 5:00 a.m., and there were shoppers freezing in line waiting for those doors to open, but they warmed up just enough to explain this is different than years past.

One shopper says she comes every year, and before the pandemic, lines were wrapped around the building with hundreds of shoppers as opposed to the dozens she saw this year.

“This year it still doesn’t seem like a lot. Usually you can see people wrapped around the building so it was pretty calm,” Alisha Barnes said.

Best Buy and other stores like it are doing their part, though, to monitor crowd control by offering deals in-stores and online all week long.

Best Buy is also doing curbside pickup, which basically means customers can order something within the hour and a staff member will bring it to their car.

While some are skipping the line to take advantage of that, others definitely looked to get in the trenches in full Black-Friday fashion.

“It was pretty fun. I was looking for stuff, got me a webcam, and some stuff at Walmart we went to as well,” shopper Samuel Sanchez said.

Ryne Abernathy came shopping with a particular purchase in mind, “for my mom, of course. She might see this so I don’t want to say right now, but super excited and hopefully find some other gifts for other members of the family too.”

Dana Lightbourne came all the way from Bermuda to surprise her mother for Thanksgiving. She said since they were all together, they thought taking part in this tradition would be fun.

“This store is so huge that everyone kind of spread out so no one was really fighting for items it was really peaceful, we were able to find everything we needed, they had adequate people in the store, who were able to assist us, so it worked out really well and I got what I needed,” Lightbourne said.

Barnes comes Black Friday shopping every year, but this is her first time bringing her son, Colton. They were the first shoppers to leave Best Buy that morning with a new computer monitor for Colton. They got to the store at 3:00 a.m. thinking this year would be busy. They were pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise.

In fact, many shoppers said they enjoyed having fewer people to compete for deals with, and the smooth pace allowed them to truly find the perfect item they were looking for.

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