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In the new CBS thriller “Limitless,” a single pill gives those who take it super-human intelligence by allowing them access to unused portions of their brains.

But how far from reality is this fictional pill?

It’s not quite the “Limitless” pill, but Becky Radford is taking a drug that is having a profound impact on her life.

It’s called Modafinil, an FDA-approved drug to treat sleep disorders. Before taking it, Becky had trouble sleeping at night, which left her lethargic and ill-equipped to handle day-to-day struggles. Now, she now feels awake, alert, and ready to take on the world’s challenges.

“It really is like a miracle,” claims Radford. “Now I’m able to be with my family, I’m able to go out with my friends, I’m able to continue working and driving.”

The science community has also offered some positive feedback on the drug.

A research study by Oxford University produced results that started the science community buzzing about the cognitive benefits of Modafinil. A quote from the study:

“24 studies dealing with different benefits associated with taking Modafinil, include planning and decision making flexibility, learning and memory, and creativity.”

Dr. Jerrod Taylor with Huntsville Hospital is an expert with sleep medicine. He prescribes Modafinil for his patients and says they definitely see results! But Dr. Taylor was quick to point out, this remarkable drug is all about enhancing one’s God- given abilities.

“Say for example, you have somebody that is extremely bright, and you’re able to increase their alertness,” said Taylor. “Does that make them any brighter? No, but it has been shown to improve patients cognitive abilities that already existed naturally.”

Dr. Taylor prescribes Modafinil for variety of disorders and sleep issues. He says it’s a well-tolerated drug when prescribed correctly. And even he understands why people are fascinated with it.

“I could see the benefit for different executives of large corporations using it,” said Taylor. “And I can certainly see where somebody might find benefit as a professional athlete if they need to stay alert with the task they are performing competitively.”

Dr. Taylor says Modafinil is all about making one use their intelligence more efficiently. Something most of us work at every day.

So even if it’s not a real life limitless drug, Modafinil could represent a step toward reaching your hidden potential.