Beer labels are becoming a big part of the business

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STOWE, VT. – Craft beer makers go to extraordinary lengths to brew up the perfect pint. And lately, that attention to detail has shifted to what’s on the outside as well.

When it comes to the art of beer there are few on the same playing field as Heady Topper. For years, the can have been one of the most sought after in the world. The double IPA inside is among the highest rated and its cover art, for craft beer fans, among the most recognizable.

Jen and John Kimmich are the founders of The Alchemist brewery in Vermont and say that the label was a collaboration with artist and musician Dan Blakeslee. Dan’s concert posters captured John’s attention at a Vermont coffee shop. Dan told CBS News, “What he said to me was, he liked the whimsical nature of it.” Dan said, “The one we actually used, he was like ok, side profile of a guy with a beard, you know, the hops exploding out of his head everywhere.”

The team at The Alchemist has continued their work with Dan on other cans and they say their art and beer have always gone hand in hand.

The number of craft breweries nationwide has more than tripled in the past ten years and now brewers are not only in a race to make the best-tasting beers, but they’re also competing for your eye.

Designing those cans has a become a full-time job for Megan Penmann who has created more than 300 labels for Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, New York. Other Half releases upwards of four new cans every week. Megan says, “It’s wild to see it out there in the world and see people with it.”

There are entire social media accounts dedicated to the craft of craft beer labels. More than 150,000 followers track Other Half’s art on the brewery’s Instagram account.

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