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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Redstone Federal Credit Union opened a new location in Madison County Tuesday inside Hazel Green High School.

The credit union opened its first Madison County Schools branch. These credit unions will be run by student tellers who take deposits, cash checks, handle cash withdrawals and make money transfers.

“This gives them a hands-on in-depth real-world experience into finance, into banking, into the credit union sector. So they can make a decision into, ‘hey you know what, I like this.’,” Madison County Schools Superintendent Allen Perkins said.

Student workers will be serving their classmates and staff all under the supervision of a teacher advisor.

“We even have hired students after they have graduated from these high schools and gone off to college, we’ve hired them as full-time employees.” Joseph Newberry, President & CEO of Redstone Federal Credit Union told News 19. “So it gives them a broad opportunity for financial wellness.”

Redstone Federal Credit Union has opened 7 different branches at schools across North Alabama.