BamaCarry speaks in favor of Senate Bill 24


Bama Carry has a message for those that oppose SB 24

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A statewide organization is speaking in favor of Senate Bill 24. BamaCarry is speaking out after the Madison County Sheriff's Office held a press conference explaining why they oppose the bill.

If the bill passed, gun owners would be able to conceal carry without a permit.

"Criminals, felons still will not be able to own or carry a weapon," said BamaCarry president Eddie Fulmer.

Fulmer said SB 24 is designed to take the burden off of law-abiding citizens.

"If I loaned my truck to my wife or she took it somewhere and I had a pistol inside and she got stopped and pulled over and she has no permit. She can go to jail and have a criminal record. So this bill would rectify that," said Fulmer.

He told WHNT News 19 that money really shouldn't be an issue. Fulmer believes the sheriffs who oppose the bill should do research on other states.

"History shows that those states that have gone to constitutional carry their permit sales have remained the same or gone up. But there's still that fear that the money that's used at the Sheriff's discretion will be lost. We just don't believe that's the case," said Fulmer.

He said BamaCarry encourages its followers to get permits no matter what. He just doesn't think the state should require it. Fulmer said at the end of the day the constitution is clear. He said the current permit law is an infringement on the right of the people in Alabama.

"If I have to ask my government if I can exercise a constitutional right then I'm not longer a free man. I'm a subject of the government," said Fulmer.

Fulmer said even though many law enforcement disagree with his organization's stance on SB 24, they will continue to support the men and women who wear the badge.

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