Bald Eagles Slow New Guntersville Runway Project


Photo by Gary Dumer of a bald eagle that is nesting near the Guntersville Airport.

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– A pair of bald eagles nesting near the airport in Guntersville is delaying a new runway project.  The eagles are nesting in a pine tree that needs to be cleared for the new runway.

City officials say federal law requires that all logging and construction within 600 feet stop while the birds are nesting.

Local wildlife photographer Gary Dumer says there are probably 25 to 30 bald eagles in Marshall County.

“And that’s between Langston and Blue Bluff,” he said.

Dumer was able to get close enough to the nest to shoot a few photos of one of the eagles.

He says once the eagles have raised their chicks and left the nest it can be taken down.

“Oh they will come back and look for this one.  But they will build another one within a quarter to a half mile of here.”

The six million dollar runway project could be delayed until March or April.   A new runway is being built because the current runway can’t handle jet aircraft.

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