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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A Madison County family continues to mourn Tate Buening, a 10-year-old boy, killed by his own father, who then turned the gun on himself. With their grief comes questions about the way the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to the family’s call for help.

Kayla White feared for the safety of her son, Tate, when he was in the custody of his father, Brian Buening. On August 6th, she called the Madison County Sheriff’s Office for a welfare check.

Outside the Harvest home where her son took his last breath, she recorded her conversation with the responding Deputy.

Ultimately, White, not the Deputy, was the person who knocked on the door, went inside and discovered the unimaginable tragedy.

An audio recording from that horrific day sheds light on what unfolded between the boy’s mother and the responding deputy.

The attorney representing White shared the recorded audio with News 19. The full audio recording is below:

White is being represented by Will League, who is questioning the procedures of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and what unfolded that day.

“To be fair the officer didn’t know there was a threat against her life, but by having the mother go up she puts herself in a position of peril by knocking on the door of someone who threatened to kill her just days before,” League said.

He said the procedures would have allowed for the Deputy to knock on the door and when it went unanswered call for backup or investigate further. He also said it’s unclear what information he was given before arriving at the scene.

“They roll up on domestic scenes every day. Some of the most dangerous calls they make and if they could be armed with more information as they get there and if the system could be tweaked to where they can access orders or documents already in the system. What would assist officers in making life and death decisions as they come up on these situations,” League added.

The White family plans to file a lawsuit against the estate of the shooter.