Auburn raises tuition amid hikes at other state universities


Alabama. Samford hall university building. Outside landmark architecture

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AUBURN, Ala. (AP) — Auburn University has raised its tuition following increases at other colleges in Alabama. quotes a statement from Auburn’s president’s office in a Thursday report as saying the school’s Board of Trustees decided to hold the tuition increase for fall 2019 at 2 percent. Auburn’s tuition has gone up by 3 percent each year since 2016.

The board approved the increase for the 2019-2020 school year last week. The statement says the annual rise in tuition was less this year because of an increase in state funds. An average undergraduate student will now pay nearly $5,500 for one semester.

The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees also approved an increase last week. In-state tuition will rise by 2.9 percent at its Birmingham campus and 4 percent at its Huntsville one.