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AUBURN, Ala. – Auburn is getting ready to open the season on September 26 against the Kentucky Wildcats, but the Tigers’ second week of fall practice came to a halt due to positive COVID-19 test results.

Auburn has reported a total of nine new positive cases this week. Head Coach Gus Malzahn did not specify which players or position groups were impacted.

“Every day and every week is a different challenge and we talked about the teams that can be adaptable,” Malzahn said. “This is a learning process I think for everyone and I think for us we’re testing probably as much or more than anyone, so it’s giving us really good information. The challenge with having students back the last two weeks obviously we haven’t responded as well as we did before they did we’re gonna have to adjust.”

The Tigers have not practiced since last Tuesday, but will return to practice this Tuesday. At least 16 players will be unavailable this week due to the COVID-19 positive results.